Bentley Mobility Services in Berkshire

Flag of berkshireThere are millions of people affected by mobility challenges across the UK. These challenges are often difficult to deal with, but become even more frustrating when they extend into the home. Making the right choice in solving home mobility problems is no doubt important, but can also be challenging due to pressures on demand.

Bentley Mobility Services has been a reliable name in home mobility solutions across Berkshire for over 30 years. Our reputation has allowed us to extend our services from our headquarters in Hampshire through most of the South of England where we’ve helped many people in difficult and challenging situations.

Berkshire’s solution to mobility challenges

Located to the west of London, Berkshire is a fairly small county in comparison to its neighbours. Over the last few decades it has has seen its fair share of growth in population, particularly in the larger towns such as Reading, Slough and Sandhurst. Considering its size, there is a lot going on across Berkshire. It is home to Windsor Castle and Eton College as well as popular family destinations such as Legoland. It is also the base for many large corporations such as Fujitsu, Oracle and Mars Chocolate which brings large number of people in for employment.

Windsor Castle, Berkshire

Windsor Castle, Berkshire

Like much of the UK, Berkshire’s growth in population has been particularly noticeable in the older generations. People are generally living longer due to healthier lifestyles as well as breakthroughs in modern medicine, and with a population of approximately 863,000, Berkshire is expected to see more growth over the coming years than it has in the past. This natural growth results in an increase in people living with mobility issues, many of whom want to remain independent in their homes, so the demand and pressures on services have also increased.

Bentley Mobility Services is dedicated to solving much of this demand. As a reliable and efficient company dedicated to solving home mobility challenges, we have been a strong presence across Berkshire for many years. We have supplied and installed thousands of stairlifts to homes across the county, which has resulted in many residents having the opportunity of more independent living at home.

We’re independent

This means we can remain impartial when sourcing the best stairlift or chairlift for your home. Our team at Bentley Mobility Services can ensure peace of mind by offering practical advice to suit individual needs across a range of products. In addition, we’re approved suppliers of leading industry brands such as Stannah, Otolift and Handicare, and our engineers are all fully trained in their products, ensuring reliable installation and an excellent after sales service.

Our reputation has ensured our steady growth across Berkshire, making us one of the leading and most reliable services for stairlifts and chairlifts. Our proven track record has allowed us the opportunity to help change the lives of many – something we’re extremely proud of. Our reliability will ensure the process remains simple, efficient and within your required budget, while causing minimal disruption to your home and daily life.

West Berkshir population census (Author: Lesley Wyman, Head of Public Health and Wellbeing, West Berkshire Council)