Stiltz TRIO +

Stiltz Trio Plus

The brand new Stiltz Trio+ is a larger Homelift designed to comfortably carry a full-sized wheelchair, or three people. The Homelift’s clear body helps it blend seamlessly into your home and the unique shape means the rails are discreetly recessed behind the slightly wider entrance/exit.

The stiltz Trio+ has been designed to offer more space and luxury for homeowners who need a larger lift for their home.

The combination of style and practicality has been perfectly balanced with the Trio+. Due to it’s size and weight loading, the Homelift can comfortably accommodate a full-sized wheelchair as well as carrying an extra person. The gently-angled integral ramp and the wider entrance/exit space, helps make access very simple.

Just like the Duo+ though, the Trio+ Homelift will install quickly without any need for load-bearing walls, travel quietly and use minimal power when moving between floors.

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